Elopement in Kaapsehoop

Three hours from Johannesburg lies a place where herds of wild horses roam freely and waterfalls flow in indigenous forests. Where the landscape is reminiscent of the Scottish highlands and is rumoured to be the hideaway of black leopards. Kaapsehoop is a misty wonderland which sits on top of a mountain pass, with a population of only 80 residents. It came into existence as part of the 1873 gold rush, and was named “Hope of Cape” in expectation that it would lead to the riches of many, and in response to a cape or ridge that juts out from the Drakensberg escarpment into the Lowveld.

Waldo grew up holidaying in this enchanting town, and when deciding where to say “I do”. He knew its epic surroundings created the perfect setting to elope. A week before their wedding, Waldo and Candice ventured deep into Kaapsehoop’s Berlin Forest to revisit Waldo’s childhood camping spot. As chance would have it they met a couple on their hike and became fast friends. So fast in fact that Candice and Waldo asked them to be the witnesses at their wedding the following weekend. (We might add that this campsite is so remote only three people visited it in 2016!)

On the morning of Candice and Waldo’s elopement, the mist cleared and the sun beamed down on them as they promised to love each other for life. From Lambourn’s Guest House we ventured to the local livery, into the surrounding valleys and fern covered pine forests, and ended off on Kaapsehoop’s rock strewn plateau.

Waldo and Candice’s romance fits seamlessly into the fairytale of Kaapsehoop, as you can see, they only have eyes for each other!


O “Fly On”, Coldplay

Wedding Suppliers:

Venue – Lambourn’s Guest House