Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Hello! We are Kristian and AJ Holmes
a married Wedding Photography team
based in Vancouver. Canada


If you’ve skimmed through our website you’ll quickly pick up our love for landscapes and people. Put people in landscapes and we are like kids in a candy store!

We met in a small fishing village called Sai Kung just outside the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Discovering our shared interest in photography led to many adventures around our new city. Little did we know that our shared-passion for capturing honest moments would be the early beginnings of Page and Holmes.

That was over 10 years ago. Today, we find ourselves married, doing what we love (telling stories through our lenses), finding and crafting beauty in the everyday and capturing some of life’s more significant events. For us, life is about connection. We believe that time spent traveling, creating, enjoying good food and wine, and being with people, is time well spent.

The Holmes are a married wedding photography couple who live in Vancouver, British Columbia,
capturing wedding stories across Canada…


Your story does not begin and end with your wedding day, but it is an occasion worth celebrating and once it’s over, it is certainly worth remembering. We document special moments in our lives so we can revisit them and reminisce. Photographs simply record the passage of time. They tell and enrich our family and personal narratives. Images are tangible memories future generations will cherish. They will also quite possibly laugh about our haircuts and the style of our wedding dresses!

Love has a way of creating a unique connection between two people, one that is much bigger than what we can see. It has a vibrant life of its own, an individual, invisible colour and song. We are fascinated by this connection and how an image turns a fleeting moment into a trapdoor of rediscovery. Photographs take us back to the simple beauty and emotion of a moment.


We recognise that togetherness comes in varying shapes and forms, and therefore approach your wedding day with the aim to capture meaningful exchanges and interactions that flow naturally. Authentic moments, captured instead of staged or posed, are the ones that retain real value and feeling. It’s the honesty of an image that makes it extra-ordinary.

Our approach to photography and your wedding day is personal and unobtrusive. We try to interfere as little as possible, focusing our attention on documenting candid moments, movement and the details and people that are significant to you. Constantly aware of the interplay between light and space, we aim to creatively capture the unique connection that love creates.

Adventure is important to us. We seek out natural surroundings and scenic locations to photograph you in. Be prepared to walk through a field or forest, stand on a rooftop, or hike along the mountains!