Elopements and Intimate Weddings

Depending what your dream day holds anything from 2 – 10 hours of coverage // Elopements and intimate weddings are beautifully simple, authentic, stress-free and meaningful. They also tend to take you to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations!

Reframing the word elopement: Intimate gatherings of 2 – 25 people 

Gone are the days when eloping necessitates “spontaneously getting  hitched in Vegas”. Today, deciding to elope means planning an intimate and meaningful celebration explicitly focused on the essence and beauty of your relationship.

Your elopement is not just a ceremony and a couple of portraits… 

Your celebration may look a bit different, but it’s still your wedding day and a story that deserves to be fully captured and told. (Even more so because there are fewer loved ones around to physically witness it.)

We believe that the ‘big moments’, as well as ‘unseen details’, are worthy of documentation and make your day unique to you.

From ethically foraging your wedding bouquet (if that’s your thing), to writing your vows and getting ready in that dream log cabin, to hiking up to an epic viewpoint and making it official, to watching the sunset and feasting with the one you love – all of it matters!

Think of us as your photographers, guides and friends!

We are not just photographers, we are here to help you find the ultimate backdrop for your romantic runaway, with all the elements in place to make your day a memorable reflection of the two of you.





Full coverage of your wedding day // 8+ hours of photography // two professional photographers documenting all the details and moments of your wedding celebration, from getting-ready through to dancing!

Your wedding day is an expression of your unique world

It is a festive mix of your favourite colours, food, music and people. Through our lenses, we document all these elements, in the beautiful and natural way in which they collide.


Remember… there are no rules! Do what you want, what sparks joy, what makes you come alive.



Couple Sessions

60 or 90 minute photography session, preferably in a place that’s significant to you // A couple session or engagement shoot is an amazing way to preserve memories from a special season in your life

Engagement Sessions

If we are capturing your wedding, an engagement shoot is also a great opportunity for us to get to know you better. And for you to experience first hand how we work.

We know that being in front of a camera can feel ’awkward and uncomfortable’. This is a completely normal human reaction! Having an engagement shoot will help you face those nerves so you feel comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day.