Vancouver City Wedding at The Permanent

Christine and Mack’s held their micro-wedding at The Permanent. What an ornate and jaw-dropping space to make memories with your very closest friends and family. The Permanent is one of Vancouver’s best city wedding venues. Interesting fact, it also Veronica Lodge’s home in Riverdale. This beautiful heritage building first opened its doors in 1907 and was occupied by the Bank of Canada for many years. (Hence the really cool vault that you’ll see behind Mac and Christine during their ceremony.) Neo-classical elements weave through the grand space, most obviously the breathtaking stained glass atrium.

The couple decided make it legal straight after their First Look, saving their wedding vows for their ceremony which would happen in the same spot later on in the day. Vancouver’s city streets present an endless canvas of photographic opportunities. There are so many beautiful buildings, textures and reflections.

Christine shares the inspiration their wedding at The Permanent

Mack and I wanted a space that was unique and beautiful on it’s own. We wanted a wedding venue where the space itself was “the decor”, rather than making a space into something. At the start of our venue tour, we were immediately struck by The Permanent’s stained class ceiling. It is stunning and so unique! As soon as we walked into the space, we knew this was the venue we were going to be getting married in. As a heritage building The Permanent is rich in history and character, which we loved!

And so, we kept our wedding decor simple and elegant. Our tables were set with single bud vases and white candles. We also added lots of greenery, eucalyptus and ferry lights to our guest book and memory table and sanitiser and mask station.

We wanted everyone to feel cozy in the space, but not have it overdone.

Favourite wedding memories

Christine: I have two…

  1. The first look! When the doors opened and I saw Mack facing the vault and our best friends up on the balcony, so many emotions hit and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. S
  2. The dance with my dad. When I was a little girl, I would climb on his feet and “dance” with him to Christine by Garland Jeffreys. Whenever I was very sad, my dad would pull the record out and ask me to dance. I have known for years if/when I got married, what song my dad and I would be dancing to.

Mack: When we were taking pictures between the ceremony and the reception! (What your wedding photographer’s love to hear!) Everyone was really awesome letting us take pictures in the middle of the street. The last burst of photos, we were in front of Victory Square and all the “residents” were cheering and yelling congratulations. The boys also made a video for me while I watched in the limo on the way to the Permanent. That was pretty awesome moment too.