The Glades Farm Wedding Venue

Paul and Nix’ wedding at The Glades Farm in the Natal Midlands was a celebration marked by the kind of elation that’s infectious. There was a deep sense of community and joie de vivre. Throughout the wedding, you could feel the their loved ones cheering them on and sharing in the joy of their union. It was a tangible feeling, threading through their day.

Farm Wedding Venue

The Glades Farm is a wedding venue surrounded by the Natal Midlands’ rolling green hills, serene lakes and indigenous forests. You may even spot a Nguni cow or two in the calming landscape. An avenue of trees welcomes you into the property, leading you to the wedding reception barn. The venue has windows on either end, showcasing valley and mountain views. It’s the perfect Midlands wedding venue for couples that are looking for a laidback, home-style setting. It also doesn’t feel like a typical wedding venue, more like a home away from home. We love photographing weddings in the Midlands. The green pastures, slow pace and fresh mountain air have a special way of stilling the soul.

Nix and Paul held their ceremony in The Michaelhouse Chapel, a grand old lady designed by renowned architect, Sir Herbert Baker. We love how the window light illuminated the two of them at certain times during their wedding ceremony. In fact, the light showed off for the rest of the day, giving us a golden hour portrait session to remember.

Paul and Nix you are radiant with love and joy. In the words of Mary Anne Radmacher, “You are the ones who work to create light for others, and in doing so, naturally light your own way”.

Thinking About You, Ocie Elliot


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These talented wedding vendors made Nix and Paul’s Natal Midlands Wedding at The Glades Farm possible: