Pitt Lake Engagement Session, Vancouver

There’s a reason why Pitt Lake is one of the most popular engagement session locations for couples based in and around Vancouver. But, it never gets old! The dramatic landscapes, colours and light are in constant flux, changing as the seasons roll by.

No matter the season, our favourite time to shoot is always during golden hour. This is the crossover between day and dusk, when the light gives one last blast before twilight. During golden hour, the sun sits just above the horizon at such a low angle that the its rays have to travel through atmospheric particles (like dust and water droplets) before they reach us. This magically filters and diffuses the sunlight, giving everything that soft and flattering glow.

Pitt Meadows Engagement Photos in the Fall

We photographed Doug and Vicky’s engagement session at Pitt Lake in Autumn. The rusty tones of the wild grass created a warm and intimate setting. Doug and Vicky wandered through the meadows and along the lakeside. They were so caught up in each other that we’re pretty sure they forgot we were around at times – which is totally our goal! We completed the season at blue hour, or twilight, as the sky faded to pink and reflected its kiss onto the mountains.

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose


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