Rice Lake Engagement Session

Joe and Joyce chose Rice Lake for their engagement session because it was the actual spot they got engaged! It’s extra special when we get to capture couples in a setting that already holds so much meaning and memory for them.

Rice Lake is a quiet lake hidden on the North Shore in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. If you’re looking for an isolated location for your engagement shoot in North Vancouver, look no further!

We followed the trail between the moss-covered forest floors and ancient trees towering above. The forest path soon opens up, revealing Rice Lake’s still waters. We were blessed with the perfect summer’s day for Joe and Joyce’s engagement session. The evening was as calm as it gets, leaving perfect reflections of the idyllic Pacific North West scene on the lake.

Reasons to choose Rice Lake for your e-shoot

Remote and quiet

We loved how unpopulated the trail was. It gave Joe and Joyce the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera without too many eyes peering their way. It felt like we had the forest and lake to ourselves, which was pretty special and rare for the middle of summer in Vancouver.


Rice Lake is less than 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver with access to the best PNW scenery.


Engaged couple walk hand in hand down path in the forest near Rice Lake, Vancouver. She is wearing a yellow dress. Couple stand on a log surrounded by forest in Vancouver, BC. Chinese girl wearing a yellow dress laughs as her finance whispers in her ear. Engaged couple walk hand in hand down a path towards the forest at Rice Lake, Vancouver, BC.Mixed couple stand on wooden bridge at Rice Lake holding hands. She is Chinese and is wearing a yellow dress, he is white and is wearing a bowtie. Engaged couple holding hands.Natural moment captured of engaged couple laughing together on a bridge. Engaged couple looking into each other's eyes. He is wearing a bowtie and she is wearing a yellow dress.Outfit ideas for your engagement shoot.Lovers standing together on a bridge holding each other and looking in each other's eyes Couple dancing together on a bridge at Rice Lake, Vancouver.Guy kissing girl on her head Romantic moment of couple holding each otherCouple sitting together on a rock in a forest. She is wearing a revealing yellow dress.Woman whispering in her finance's ear, wearing a trendy yellow dress.Quiet and non posed moment of couple sitting quietly together during their engagement shoot at Rice Lake, Vancouver.Soon to be married couple sits together on a rock with the sun's last light on their faces at Rice Lake, near North Vancouver, BC.