Backyard Wedding in Vancouver BC

We are amazed by how many couples have so creatively navigated their wedding celebrations this year. Despite changing Covid-19 restrictions, Nano and Lissy’s intimate backyard wedding in Vancouver came together in a joyful collision of beauty and love. This was “plan F” but it couldn’t have been more romantic and memorable!

First, they held a virtual ceremony with their friends and family, who were all dressed up and watching from home. Next, they headed to Zero Avenue in a vintage mini to spend time with their family across the border. Finally, they dashed back to Vancouver to celebrate with friends, eat tacos and party with their mariachi band.

Lissy and Nano share their journey towards planning an intimate backyard wedding:

When we landed in Vancouver after the proposal, we had decided two things: June 2020 and that we would have a mariachi band at our wedding! From there we started planning. But, because of Covid-19 it became hard to pin down specific inspiration with things changing daily. Half of our family was in the States, the other half was in Ontario, and our friends were in Vancouver. With the constant changes to group sizes, border restrictions and coronavirus precautions we really felt stripped down. We found that although we wouldn’t be able to use that perfect venue or have that perfect number of guests, the restrictions actually allowed us to figure out what truly mattered most to us.

Ultimately, our inspiration boiled down to “scrappy, intimate, eclectic, and memorable”. These words helped us find our big deals: The big empty auditorium for the ceremony, the perfect spot at the US-Canada border to meet our families, the vintage mini, the backyard BBQ venue, and of course the taco truck and mariachi band! Although our day ended up being our 6th version of planning, it was absolutely perfect!

Favourite wedding moments:

The most unique part of our wedding day was the opportunity to spend a big chunk of the time together. Going from location to location sometimes took upwards of an hour. With so many venue changes, it was often just the two of us road-tripping in our vintage mini. It was an absolute dream! The long drive after we said our “I do’s” made us feel like we were running away together. It also allowed us to let all the excitement and emotion sink in. We blasted music, ate McDonald’s in a parking lot and just basked in the relief of knowing that we did it and our lives were officially starting together.

Another incredible part of our wedding day was arriving at the US-Canada border. Our families were dressed up and lined up on both sides of the border with lawn chairs and balloons. It was overwhelming in the best way! Because of the border closure, my family and Nano’s brother were stuck in the US. Nano and I hadn’t seen our families since Covid hit and being able to reunite on such a special day and have my dad see me in my wedding dress was a dream come true. We spent a few hours hanging out across the ditch, toasting champagne in coozies and sharing speeches.

Nano and Lissy, may your life continue to reflect one wild, creative and happy adventure!

Real love baby, Father John Misty


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