Wedding Portrait Session at Golden Ears Provincial Park

We photographed Joel and Sofia’s Post Wedding Session at Golden Ears Provincial Park a couple of months after their actual wedding day. On Leap Day, they held an incredible celebration at Eglinton West Gallery – an amazing industrial event space in downtown Toronto. (Take a look!)

Because they knew their wedding day portraits would take place indoors (it being a snowy winter’s day) they opted for an After Session a couple month’s later in BC’s breathtaking Golden Ears forest.

What is an ‘After Session’ or a ‘Post Wedding Session’?

You guessed it, a ‘Post Wedding Photography Session’ or an ‘After Session’ is pretty much a couples photoshoot that takes place subsequent to an actual wedding day. You’ll be able to get dressed up in your suit and wedding dress all over again! We have also shot a lot of ‘Before Sessions’ or ‘Pre Wedding Photography Sessions’ which are very similar but often have a first-look component to them.

We LOVE ‘Post Wedding Sessions’ and here’s why:


If you want to max out on time spent with your wedding guests, a Post Wedding Session is a great idea. Enjoy cocktail hour with your besties without feeling like you’re missing out on valuable portrait time. We would still recommend scheduling in a couple’s photoshoot on your actual wedding day. But, you’ll be able to allocate less time to this session, knowing you have an an After Session coming up.


Wedding day timelines can get tight, and you may not have a moment to drive to a remote location for your couple’s portrait session. But, Post Wedding Sessions present no time pressure or restraints. Ideally, we would schedule this photoshoot during golden hour when the light is most glorious . We are always up for an adventure, and are here to help you find an epic location for your After Session.


If, like us, you’re a fan of both wild landscapes and industrial cityscapes, a Post Wedding Session presents the chance to have wedding photos in both settings. (Joel and Sofia had industrial wedding photos at OBJX Studio and after session wedding photos at Golden Ears.)  Or, if your ideal location is too far to travel to on your wedding day, you don’t need to miss out on this photo opportunity.

You can also mix things up and wear your hair down if you wore it up; wear a different wedding dress or tie – you get the idea! Plus, you don’t need to worried about getting your outfit a bit dirty!


Once the hype of a wedding day is over there can be both great relief and great disappointment. Post Wedding Sessions are something to look forward to. They take you back to your best wedding day moments and remind you to keep celebrating your love!

Be inspired by Joel and Sofia’s Post Wedding Session at Golden Ears Provincial Park…