Modern Wedding at Cecil Green

The rich, fascinating history of Cecil Green Park House makes this beautiful cliff-top location the perfect choice for a heritage wedding venue in Vancouver. Mac and Kelly – whose Cecil Green Park House wedding we had the privilege of shooting – felt very quickly that this was where they wanted to host their special day. “The first time we went to visit the location as a couple,” says Kelly, “we knew it was the location where we would be married.”

Mac and Kelly both grew up in Vancouver and wanted to keep their nuptials “local” and “celebrate at a staple within the city,” Kelly explained. A wedding at Cecil Green Park House turned out to be the perfect choice for their intimate pandemic-era wedding – a beautiful and deeply meaningful occasion for their nearest and dearest.

High on the cliffs of Point Grey, the traditional Vancouver Tudor mansion is an idyllic wedding venue, boasting magnificent views of the local mountains and ocean, with an outdoor terrace surrounded by lush, well-manicured gardens. The land was originally purchased by Edward Pease Davis, a prominent barrister and lawyer, along with a Dr Lefevre, and the house was commissioned in 1912. Davis initially named the house Kanakla, a West Coast native word meaning “house on the cliff”.

Kelly summed up the overall look and feel of her Cecil Green Park House wedding as “Vancouver garden glamour” and we couldn’t have said it better! The couple planned every single detail for a classic, glamorous occasion which was filled with fun, deep emotion, and romance. “With the help of professionals, we were able to dress up and experience the fanciest garden party to date: our wedding!” said Kelly.

Of all the incredible moments we witnessed that day, we were so honoured to hear that the most memorable part of the day for the bride was “playing in the garden taking photos as husband and wife after the ceremony”. Hearing that makes our hearts beam with joy, as we look back on Mac and Kelly’s unforgettable Vancouver wedding at Cecil Green.



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