The Best locations to elope in BC

Here are some of our favourite and arguably the best places to elope in British Columbia, Canada…

Did you know that in BC you can get married pretty much wherever you like as long as you have no more than 15 guests? We are so lucky to live in Canada’s beautiful BC (West Coast, best coast) where there are limitless impressive backdrops for elopements and mirco-weddings that are easily accessible. Near or far, adventurous or local, hiking or driving, there are so many epic places to hold your celebration in BC.

With the increased travel restrictions being put in place all around the world due to Covid-19, eloping now and partying later, is a fantastic idea! Gone are the days when eloping necessitates “spontaneously getting hitched in Vegas”. Today, deciding to elope means planning an intimate and meaningful celebration explicitly focused on the essence and beauty of your relationship. Plus, elopements tend to take you to some of the most scenic locations!

Elope in Tofino / Uclulet, Vancouver Island, BC

This area could very well be the ‘best of Canada’ in one place. The sandy cliff beaches remind us of landscapes found on the East Coast of Canada, but with the distinct PNW trees perched on top. Picture crashing waves, beaches longer than the eye can see, ancient forests and of course a cool little town with enough of a vibe for a fancy dinner. If that’s your thing check out Wolf in the Fog. Of course you may want to keep it simple and visit the original Tacofino truck, then take your tacos to-go and enjoy somewhere with a view after you elope. (Free hint, a Blonde Ale from Tofino Brewing Co. goes down real nice with Mexican street-food.)

Best Place to elope in Tofino Best Place to elope in Tofino Best Place to elope in Tofino Best Place to elope in Tofino Best Place to elope in Tofino


Say “I do” on Eagle Bluffs, Cypress Mountain, BC

This is a great day hike elopement spot with some of the best views overlooking the city of Vancouver and surrounding islands. At an 8km round trip, it’s an intermediate and very rewarding journey. After your vows, you could either pitch a tent at edge of Eagle Bluffs for the night, or head back towards Cabin Lake for a swim on your way home.

Eagle Bluffs Elopement View Vancouver Eagle Bluffs Elopement View Vancouver


Gulf Islands Elopements:

Did you know the Gulf Islands are made up of over 200 islands? What kind of place is this that we get to call home? The kind of place where you can hop on a ferry and be on an island in anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. BC’s Gulf Islands range in size and population but none of them disappoint in beauty. They are the perfect isolated locations for elopements and intimate weddings.


Bowen Island Elopement, BC

Bowen Island is super close to Vancouver, making it a great spot to overnight, go on a day trip and of course elope or have an intimate wedding! The crossing time is only 20 minutes and BC Ferries leaves almost hourly. Bowen has a few restaurants and accommodation options too.

Bowen Island is one of the best places to elope in BCBowen Island is one of the best places to elope in BC


Hold your intimate wedding or elopement on Gambier Island, BC

Gambier is the largest of the four Howe Sound Islands on the Sunshine Coast. That said, it only has 125 permanent residents and is largely off the grid, forging a sense of welcome isolation. If you’re into outdoor activities, Camp Fircom is an ideal location for your elopement. They also have the coolest Scandi-style log cabins for you to stay in!

Gambier Island is one of the best places to elope in BCGambier Island is one of the best places to elope in BCGambier Island is one of the best places to elope in BCGambier Island is one of the best places to elope in BCCamp Fircom Wedding Photos> Check out Dusty and Helena’s full wedding at Camp Fircom on Gambier Island


Galiano Island Elopement, BC

Galiano Island is another one of the Southern Gulf Islands found nestled between Vancouver Island and BC’s lower mainland. On Galiano find Bodega Ridge House, a west coast modern home hidden in the forest with ocean views. The property has private access to the Bodega Ridge Provincial Park and its picturesque hiking trails. Have a bbq and fire or go fine dine at Pilgrim, a forest and farm-to-table restaurant on Galiano Island, BC.

Bodgea Ridge Elopement on Galiano Island Bodgea Ridge Elopement on Galiano Island


Whistler Elopements:

In any season, Whistler is the ultimate outdoor playground. In winter it is a world-class skiing destination and in summer the slopes transform into a mountain bike park. If you don’t classify yourself as an adrenaline junkie there are plenty of mountains to climb and lakes to swim in. Here are a few of our favourite outdoor Whistler Elopement locations…


Get hitched at Lost Lake, Whistler, BC

Lost Lake’s beautiful mix of water, beach, forest and mountains offer endless spots to hold a private ceremony with the one you love.

Lost Lake Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC


Elope at Brandywine Falls, Whistler, BC

Brandywine Falls is a spectacular 70m drop and on a clear day you can see Daisy Lake from the viewpoint. What’s more, there is a way to get to bottom of the falls for those awesome waterfall shots. You could also consider doing a ‘day after session’ here when you don’t have to worry about getting your wedding dress or outfit dirty.

Adventure Documentary Vancouver BC Wedding Photographer

Lost Lake Best Place to Elope in Whistler BCBrandywine Waterfall Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC Brandywine Waterfall Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC


Iceberg Lake Elopement, Whistler, BC

Iceberg Lake is an experienced, hiking-fit, outdoorsy couple’s dream adventure elopement location. If a 15km, 7hr round trip (with a mere 870m elevation gain) day hike is your kind of thing, then look no further. This trail has it all – PNW forests, meadows, mountains and that spectacular Rainbow Glacier. From the top of the boulder field you will find the turquoise Iceberg Lake next to Rainbow Mountain, paired with jaw dropping views of the surrounding area. Time it right and you could even jump in for an icy swim together.

Iceberg Lake Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC Iceberg Lake Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BCAdventure Documentary Vancouver BC Wedding PhotographerIceberg Lake Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC Iceberg Lake Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC Iceberg Lake Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC


Joffre Lakes Elopement, BC

There’s a reason that Joffre Lakes attracts so many visitors each year. The trail leads you to three slushy turquoise blue lakes and they are breathtaking! The first lake is an easy 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot, but the second and third lakes are a moderate 2,5 hour hike uphill. If you’re planning to elope at Joffre Lakes in the summer months, a sunrise elopement would be key, as the trail gets really busy. But, if you want a ‘guaranteed’ intimate and isolated elopement, our advice would be to hike up early morning during a shoulder season.

Joffre Lakes Elopement Joffre Lakes ElopementJoffre Lakes Elopement


Elope on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, BC

The Peak2Peak Gondola becomes a full day experience. It is the longest and highest chairlift in the world connecting the peaks of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. As you ride the gondola, be sure to keep an eye out for bears below you. (We have been lucky enough to see a mum and her cubs from the sky.)

The top of both mountains provides you unbeatable views as well as numerous trails to wander on and find a backdrop for your elopement that best suits you. Finish the day at Christine’s on Blackcomb.

Couple sitting on a fence looking at the Whistler and Blackcomb mountain ranges after taking the Peak to Peak gondola up the mountain for their fun engagement session


Rocky Mountain Elopements:

When in the Rockies, you are pretty much guaranteed to wander around open-mouthed and wide-eyed. There are no shortage of epic scenes in the area! The mountains, turquoise blue lakes, Douglas-fir forests and open fields are an endless invitation to explore and create.

We are including Banff and Canmore in this list because you’ll find yourself criss-crossing between Alberta and BC when you visit the Rocky Mountains. It is just so dang beautiful here and well worth the trip.

Banff is home to some of the most exquisite turquoise blue lakes in the world – all unforgettable locations for an elopement, engagement or any photo session. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are two of the most popular and well known lakes in the area. But, if you know where to look, there are so many more icy blue slushies hidden within this wild terrain!


Moraine Lake Elopement, Banff National Park

The turquoise blue Moraine Lake is set in the Valley of the Ten Peaks creating an almost unreal scene. Picture yourself getting married as the sun rises revealing this epic view.

Moraine Lake Elopement Banff Moraine Lake Elopement Banff Moraine Lake Elopement Banff


Elope at Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Lake Louise is probably the most famous of the vivid blue lakes in the Canadian Rockies, nestled between high mountain ridges with views of the Victoria Glacier. The picturesque Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise sits on the edge of the lake, perfectly located for an unforgettable getaway after your elopement. Or, you could just stop in for their legendary Afternoon Tea.

If you’re looking to stretch your legs, the hike to Lake Agnes Tea House begins on the shores of Lake Louise, close to to the Fairmont Chateau. This moderate 3,6km uphill climb takes you to a tea house which was built in 1901 by the Canadian Pacific Railway as a refuge for hikers. Pick and choose your tea varietal off an endless list, pairing it with something sweet.

Lake Louise Elopement, Banff


Peyto Lake Elopement, Banff National Park

Look at the photograph below closely and you’ll soon see that Peyto Lake is shaped like a wolf! How cool? This lake is well worth a stop if you’re traveling along The Icefield Parkway and presents a more unknown location to elope.

Peyto Lake Elopement Banff Peyto Lake Elopement Banff


Say “Yes” at Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake is the largest of Yoho’s 61 lakes and ponds. There’s a 5,2 km trail which encircles the jade coloured lake, presenting numerous secret spots for you to hold your elopement. The exquisite Emerald Lake Lodge is perched on the edge of the lake and was built from hand-hewn timber.

Emerald Lake Elopement Banff


Elope at Bow Lake,  Banff National Park

Bow Lake is found just off The Icefields Parkway, one of the most scenic highways in the world joining the hamlet of Lake Lousie with the town of Jasper. Bow Lake is famed for its wildflowers that grow around the lake in late spring and summer. You’ll also find the historical Simpson’s Num-Ti-Jah Lodge on the banks of Bow Lake beneath the foot of Mount Jimmy Simpson. Read the legend of Jimmy Simpson here.

Bow Lake Elopement , Banff Bow Lake Elopement , Banff Bow Lake Elopement , BanffThe Bow GlacierSimposon's Num-ti-jah Lodge WeddingSimpson’s Num-Ti-Jah LodgeBow Lake Elopement , Banff


Stanley Glacier Elopement, Kootenay National Park, BC

The hike to Stanley Glacier is a moderate 10km roundtrip. The trail provides you with views of Stanley Peak, Storm Mountain, Mount Whymper and Boom Mountain. At the end of hike there’s a ledge, with a view looking back over the valley. This natural amphitheater couldn’t be a more epic and an ideal location for you to say your vows. Glaciers, waterfalls, earthy tones, Rocky Mountain shale… you get the point!

Best Rocky Mountains Wedding PhotographerStanley Glacier Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC Stanley Glacier Hike Best Place to Elope in Whistler BC


Elope anywhere in Yoho National Park:

We have mentioned Emerald Lake already, but Yoho has a huge variety of incredible locations for your elopement.

The Icefields Parkway Yoho National ParkThe Icefields Parkway Yoho National Park


Takakkaw Falls Elopement, Yoho National Park

Want a massive waterfall to witness your vows? Takkakaw Falls is amazing, together with the surrounding river and mountains. Takakkwaw means “wonderful” in Cree and is the second highest waterfall in Canada. What a dramatic and romantic location to elope! We 100% suggest incorporating a meal at Truffle Pigs in the beautiful and very tiny town of Field into your day.

Takakkaw Falls ElopementCouple dancing in the orange and yellow fields with the mountains and Takakkaw Falls is the background


Elope on the Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park

Yes, you guessed it, Natural Bridge is a natural bridge formation that spans over the Kicking Horse River. There are different vantage points to view the bridge which presents epic photo opportunities. It’s incredible to see a river’s influence on the landscape over time.

Natural Bridge Yoho Elopement


Elope at Mount Engadine Lodge, Canmore, Alberta

Isolated and idyllic. Keep your eyes out for moose and make a getaway of it.

Mount Engadine Lodge sits in the shadow of its namesake peak nestled high up in an alpine valley but conveniently located a short distance from Canmore. Mount Engadine Lodge is a comfortable base for you to explore the dynamic surrounding landscapes, and of course to elope!

Mount Engadine Lodge Best Place to Elope in Banff Mount Engadine Lodge Mount Engadine Lodge Best Place to Elope in Banff


Elope at Goat Pond, Canmore, Alberta

Reflection heaven on a calm day. Goat Pond is an awesome spot to say your vows! Parts of The Revenant was actually filmed is the area so don’t forget to take a drive through the surrounding landscapes.

This idyllic elopement location is also close to Canmore. You could head back to town for an awesome dinner and cocktails at Where the Buffalo Roam Saloon.

Turquoise Goat Pond Lodge Best Place to Elope in Banff Turquoise Goat Pond Lodge Best Place to Elope in Banff Turquoise Goat Pond Lodge Best Place to Elope in Banff

> Check out E & V’s love session at Goat Pond


We hope you enjoyed our write up on the Best Places to Elope in British Columbia!


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