A portrait a week

Images and memories allow us to revisit moments and exist in them a little longer. Everyday life and the treasure that is found in everyday moments have become so important to us. We spend most of our days behind our cameras capturing the lives of others. But as it goes, we find that except for our travels, we have captured so little of us over the years. So, this year we decided to take a portrait a week. A photo project more for us than anyone else, but follow along if you want to share in our lives.

We plan to update “52 Portraits” as often as possible, letting you into our world and our 2018. We can’t promise images won’t come in batches (when the editing monster has subsided) but we do promise there will be 52 images, and 52 memories on this page come 2019!

Welcome to the inner-workings of Page and Holmes. The adventures, our home life, our sunburnt faces, the various stages of Kris’ facial hair, our good and our bad.

Image:1 / Horizon Road, Knysna Peeling legs, wet hair, a fever blister and the look of a U.S. Military man. Kept the moustache for a day en route to Kris’ first clean shave in years (AJ has never seen Kris completely bare faced!)

Image:2 / Coney Glen, Knysna  Sunset on the rocks before a beautiful fish dinner at Freshline Fisheries. Last night of our summer holiday

Image:3 / Holmes’ Living Room Home in Joburg, catching up with friends, catching up on editing and admin both new and old

Image: 4 & 5 / Holmes’ Dining Room Valentine’s Day at home (yearly tradition), red wine and vegan Boeuf Bourguignon, figs for dessert

Image: 6 / Sandstone Cottage, Natal Midlands, getting ready for a chilled night in, after a early evening of fly fishing and book reading. The day before our first Midlands wedding of the year

Image: 7 / Umngazi, Transkei, wandering along the coastline at sunset, rugged and raw landscape post storm, we’ve never seen a pinker sky

Image: 8 / Umngazi, Transkei, fishing together after a couple’s full body massage, both a rare occurrence, 10 minutes later we caught a giant eel and a mullet jumped into our neighbours boat

Image: 9 / Johannesburg Art Museum, scarce Saturday off spent exploring, finding inner-city gems and checking out miniature etchings at the museum. Has winter arrived already?

Image: 10 / Windybrow Centre, got roped into a theatrical, interactive performance at the Windybrow Centre (an old heritage home in Hillbrow), initially confused, later impressed. Highlight: the delicious vegetable stir-fry served in cabbage leaves after the tour

Image: 11 / Cape Town, our days in the city look like working from spots with the best coffee (or fastest wifi), escaping outdoors to breath in the sea air or to climb a mountain, another coffee shop/work session, ending with a good glass of wine at Publik, trying decide what epic restaurant to try…

Image: 12 / Hartford House, Natal Midlands, the last shot of the evening. Looking like deer in the headlights. Looking forward to a hot bath and bed

Image: 13 / Sandstone Cottage, Natal Midlands, truly our second home this wedding season. We love wandering through Sue’s veggie and herb garden, taking in the sweet scents, plucking a lemon or two…

 Image: 14 / En Route Home, trespassing… quick take the picture, but look relaxed… but hurry, there’s a tractor heading towards us…

Image: 15 / Kloof Nek, Cape Town, hike up the mountain for sundowners overlooking the sea and city. Alone, except for a young guy doing a photo shoot of a younger girl (always interesting to watch other photographers work), and a group of ladies whose dog tried very hard to make friends with Kris

Non Posey Best Cape Town Wedding Photography

Image: 16 / Tulbagh, Western Cape, confession this is not a self-portrait, this is a sneaky snap taken by our talented friends at Orpen Film Co. of us drinking morning coffee brewed on an open fire, surrounding by mountains, after a night of glamping and an epic wedding held under the stars in the structure of an old farm house – Take a look at Martin & Welma’s Wedding Story

Image: 17 / Royal Hotel, Riebeek Kasteel, the oldest hotel in South Africa. Post-wedding rest day spent lying by the pool, wandering the streets, buying Swartland wine, eating scones, drinking tea and then G&T, ending with dinner at Mama Cucina

Image: 18 / Gansbaai, soaking in the view, pre fish and chips, post half-hike up the mountain to a series of waterfalls. We had to turn back halfway after word that a congress of baboons (yes that’s what you call a troop) were ‘attacking’ hikers and stealing their backpacks

Image: 19 / Sandstone Garden Cottage, Natal Midlands, back in the beloved Midlands, moody day moment, after a gorgeous sunny wedding on a family dairy farm the day before. Wishing we could stay here longer…

Image: 21 / Cape Town, last light, in a quiet space, listening to the hum below, watching the city lights flicker on one by one. (Yes, we have spent the last couple of months jumping between the Midlands and Cape Town – there could be worse scenarios)

Image: 22 / Shiraz Guest House, Riebeek Kasteel, the day after a beautiful wedding at Bosjes (Take a look at Mike & Rebecca’s Wedding Story), we so enjoyed our last stay in Riebeek Kasteel that we decided to visit again with AJ’s folks, before heading to Franschhoek for a couple of nights 

Couple stands in the olive trees together during their Autumn engagement photo session surrounded by mountains

Image: 23 / Western Cape, an evening stroll somewhere in the Franschhoek Valley, amongst the olive trees, surrounded by mountains

Engagement Photo Shoot in the Franschhoek Mountains close to Cape Town

Image: 24 / Franschhoek, last light hitting the mountains, giving them that infamous glow, and warming our hearts at the same time

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Image: 25 / Franschhoek, summit of the Perdekop Trail in Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve. Highly recommended! Make sure you go to the Uitkyk viewpoint on the way up and wear hiking boots or you’ll slip and slide down like AJ

Engagement Photo Shoot with epic mountain view in Whistler, British Columbia

Image: 26 / Drakensberg, a very flat hike… okay let’s call it a walk (unusual for Kris) on days between weddings. Just finished our coffee with a view – a shout out to the Stanley flask for making this moment possible

Image: 27 / Johannesburg, nothing says ‘home’ like a well worn spot on a good friend’s couch after some very (unusually) successful homemade vegan flapjacks

Best Wedding Photographer in Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, Emily Moon River Lodge

Image: 28 / Plettenberg Bay, early morning at Emily Moon River Lodge, after two days spent photographing (and tasting) their delicious new menu, also the place we started our honeymoon almost 8 years ago

Best Wedding Photographer in Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route

Image: 29 / Emily Moon River Lodge, Plettenberg Bay, layering up on a randomly cold morning, one of our last days together before Kris heads to Canada

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Image: 30 / British Columbia, Kris on his own at The Camp Collective on Bowen Island while AJ spends time with family in SA and meets our new niece for the first time (Had to keep the weekly self-portrait tradition alive!) 

Hike in the mountains and coffee near the river

Image: 31 / Skagit River, AJ grew a beard and morphed into a version of Kris? Kidding, a snap of Kris and his older brother spending some quality time car-camping and fishing 

Image: 32 / Whistler, reunited and it feels so good! We arrived in Whistler late the night before, after a quick dinner in Gas Town when a hungry AJ landed on her long-haul flight from South Africa. The adventure begins!

Adventure Documentary Vancouver BC Wedding Photographer

Image: 33 / Whistler, somewhere in the forest – we love our matching uniforms – haha! (Side note: looking back over the past year, thanks to the help of this nifty blog, we laugh at how limited and practical our travel wardrobes have become, and how okay we are with that)

Adventure Documentary Vancouver BC Wedding Photographer

Image: 34 / Whistler Mountains, our first Canadian hike of the trip, overcome by the raw power of nature. Apparently it snowed the week before – we couldn’t believe it, it’s been so warm! 

Couple sitting on a fence looking at the Whistler and Blackcomb mountain ranges after taking the Peak to Peak gondola up the mountain for their fun engagement session

Image: 35 / Blackcomb, we took the Peak-To-Peak gondola up the mountains in Whistler and across the valley to Backcomb. It boosts impressive 360 degree views and is the longest unsupported lift span in the world. Saw a mama bear and her two cubs on the way up, and another solitary bear on the way down. Also, shorts and snow?

Intimate and natural home engagement session of couple in a log cabin in Nanaimo close to Gabriel Island on Vancouver Island Fun and authentic home engagement session of couple in a log cabin in Nanaimo close to Gabriel Island on Vancouver Island

Image: 36 / Nanimo, A series of pre-pancake sleepy face selfies. Family time at an epic house on Vancouver Island after Kris’ older brother tied the knot

Sunset at Eagle's Point, a hike close to Vancouver, a spontaneous camping trip with friends. We arrived just in time to crack a cold one and watch the most insane sunset over Vancouver and the surrounding islands.

Image: 37 / Eagle’s Bluffs, a spontaneous camping trip with friends. We arrived just in time to crack a cold one and watch the most insane sunset over Vancouver and the surrounding islands

Couple stands in front of the breathtaking red sand cliffs at St. Martin’s Sea Caves on the east coast of Canada during their engagement photo shoot

Image: 38 / St. Martin’s Sea Caves, we flew in for a wedding in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and gave ourselves a bit of time to see local sites – like the infamous red sand cliffs that the east coast of Canada is known for

Candid and real photo of couple taken of couple in Newfoundland

Image: 39 / St John, the port city of the Bay of Fundy, coffee stop* downtown at Rogue Coffee. These stops are usually our starting points in new cities. We try find the best coffee, and while we enjoy it, develop a game plan on where to go and what to do. (*of course croissants are a mandatory accompaniment) 

Fun and natural photo of couple standing in front of the brick wall of a historical building in St John, New Brunswick with art in the background

Image: 43 / New Brunswick, whenever we visit to a new place, we are always drawn to the oldest areas. St John had the most beautiful historical buildings –  we were pleasantly surprised by the rejuvenation that’s happening downtown

Husband spins wife around on the downtown streets of St John in New Brunswick in front of epic historical buildings

Image: 44 / New Brunswick, late Sunday afternoon, St John is pretty much a ghost town at this time (we didn’t mind having the streets to ourselves) except for a couple of open restaurants like Gahan House where we enjoyed fish and chips before catching a flight to Toronto

Intimate and candid photo of couple sitting together on a rock near a lake near a forest in North Vancouver

Image: 45 / Central Ontario, a day spent living the cottage life in Muskoka, we enjoyed exploring and shooting the sunshine – summer skin starting to appear

In home couple photography session on the couch with boho decor

Image: 46 / Calgary, staying with new and special friends for a couple of days. This couch was the scene of many a good convo and of course some laughs. We will forever be grateful they introduced us to Made By Marcus

Best Canmore Wedding Photographer Mountains Epic Elopement Wedding Location Rocky Mountains

Image: 47 / Kootenay National Park, epic hike with another new and wonderful friend and her dog, Hobbit. We may have missed the trail at one point and had to trek up a very steep, shale slope to find it again. It may or may not have been Kris’ fault. Crazy how in the Canmore / Banff area you find yourself crossing between BC and Alberta so often

A fun and intimate moment shared by engaged couple at Goat Pond in Canmore, with mountain and that turquoise blue lake in the background like Lake Louise in Banff and Moraine Lake.

Image: 48 / Alberta, a quick snap by the couple we were photographing at Goat Pond near Canmore. Reflection heaven!

Wedding portrait session on the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper, with Autumn tones in the field beyond and beautiful mountains surrounding the couple

Image: 49 / Somewhere along the Icefield Parkway (between Banff and Jasper), the tones were unreal we just had to stop. Also a prime example of how more often that not, we frown at exactly the same time the shutter goes off, squinting to see if the self-timer is up or not. 

East End of Rundle is a hike close to Canmore with a pretty gnarly uphill grind and some really hairy sections. Of course the view from the top was 100% worth it – we were completely surrounded by epic mountains. Probably one of the top 5 views we have ever seen!

Image: 50 / East End of Rundle, a hike close to Canmore. This was a pretty gnarly uphill grind with some really hairy sections. Of course the view from the top was 100% worth it – we were completely surrounded by epic mountains. Probably one of the top 5 views we have ever seen!

Couple dancing in the orange and yellow fields with the mountains and Takakkaw Falls is the background

Image: 51 /  Yoho National Park, sometimes you think you are going to stand out (wearing clementine and lemon) and you kind of end up just blending in

Takakkaw Fall Elopement Location Banff Photographer

Image: 52 / Takakkaw Falls, a big thanks to the man from Taiwan who took this for us. The rain came in as we got to the falls and we were very tempted to head back to the car to take cover. But, as it does in the mountains, the weather quickly changed and we got to shoot in these unreal surroundings

Canmore Alberta Wedding Photographer Snow Wedding

Image: 53 / Canmore, the week before we are in shorts and t-shirts, and one morning we woke up to that Christmas feeling and a blanket of snow… in September! This seriously unexpected weather converted our hiking plans into a day trip around Canmore and Kananaskis in search of warm food and moose

Mauritius Wedding Photographer Beachcomber Cannonier Wedding

Image: 54 / Mauritius, from snow to sea! Blessed to photograph G + K’s incredible destination wedding at Beachcomber Canonnier and to spend a couple of days soaking in this tropical paradise and soaking in the sunshine!

Image: 55 / Johannesburg, one of those rare moments when we aren’t just capturing special moments but actually attending them! Today we celebrated some of our best friends’ 20th wedding anniversary and vow renewal. They still look (and act) as youthful as they did in their wedding photos!

Image: 56 / Johannesburg, in Spring the city streets turn to purple as the Jacaranda trees bloom! Look closely and you’ll see that this image is actually two images stitched together. Why you ask? Because standing in the middle of the road during rush hour in Johannesburg is risky business – we value our lives and our camera!  

Image: 57 / Cape Town, a Sunday afternoon hanging out and picnicking with Orpen Film Co. on Bakoven Beach after a wedding in the winelands. 

Image: 58 / Kruger National Park, watching the animals graze in the African grasslands… from the bath! D + M traveled with a close group of friends and family all the way to Lukimbi Lodge from Aus to say “I do!”. Bush weddings are some of our favourites – it’s amazing to see how families bond over the weekend as they experience the best of Africa together! 

Image: 59 / Knysna, editing break, back on the wall at Horizon Road we were began the year. But instead of peeling legs and a moustache, Kris is sporting a beard and two hardcore scars on this legs after an altercation with metal-edged step… yikes!

Image: 60 / Knysna, first official day of our Christmas break and our 8th wedding anniversary! It’s been an incredible year, our hearts are full!


YES, we overshot our 52 image blog and gave you 60 instead! Between work and travel and ‘adulting’ it was surprising difficult to take a portrait a week. But, SO worth it! We have loved looking back over the year. We are blown away by all the beauty it held, the places we visited, the mountains we climbed, the people we met and all the amazing experiences that we had. Thank you for sharing them with us!