52 PortraitsPage & Holmes in 2018

A portrait a week

Images and memories allow us to revisit moments and exist in them a little longer. Everyday life and the treasure that is found in everyday moments have become so important to us. We spend most of our days behind our cameras capturing the lives of others. But as it goes, we find that except for our travels, we have captured so little of us over the years. So, this year we decided to take a portrait a week. A photo project more for us than anyone else, but follow along if you want to share in our lives.

We plan to update “52 Portraits” as often as possible, letting you into our world and our 2018. We can’t promise images won’t come in batches (when the editing monster has subsided) but we do promise there will be 52 images, and 52 memories on this page come 2019!

Welcome to the inner-workings of Page and Holmes. The adventures, our home life, our sunburnt faces, the various stages of Kris’ facial hair, our good and our bad.

Image:1 / Horizon Road, Knysna Peeling legs, wet hair, a fever blister and the look of a U.S. Military man. Kept the moustache for a day en route to Kris’ first clean shave in years. (AJ has never seen Kris completely bare faced!)

Image:2 / Coney Glen, Knysna  Sunset on the rocks before a beautiful fish dinner at Freshline Fisheries. Last night of our summer holiday.

Image:3 / Holmes’ Living Room Home in Joburg, catching up with friends, catching up on editing and admin both new and old.

Image: 4 & 5 / Holmes’ Dining Room Valentine’s Day at home (yearly tradition), red wine and vegan Boeuf Bourguignon, figs for dessert.

Image: 6 / Sandstone Cottage, Natal Midlands, getting ready for a chilled night in, after a early evening of fly fishing and book reading. The day before our first Midlands wedding of the year.

Image: 7 / Umngazi, Transkei, wandering along the coastline at sunset, rugged and raw landscape post storm, we’ve never seen a pinker sky.

Image: 8 / Umngazi, Transkei, fishing together after a couple’s full body massage, both a rare occurrence, 10 minutes later we caught a giant eel and a mullet jumped into our neighbours boat.

Image: 9 / Johannesburg Art Museum, scarce Saturday off spent exploring, finding inner-city gems and checking out miniature etchings at the museum. Has winter arrived already?

Image: 10 / Windybrow Centre, got roped into a theatrical, interactive performance at the Windybrow Centre (an old heritage home in Hillbrow), initially confused, later impressed. Highlight: the delicious vegetable stir-fry served in cabbage leaves after the tour.

Image: 11 / Hartford House, Natal Midlands, the last shot of the evening. Looking like deer in the headlights. Looking forward to a hot bath and bed.

Image: 12 / Sandstone Cottage, Natal Midlands, truly our second home this wedding season. We love wandering through Sue’s veggie and herb garden, taking in the sweet scents, plucking a lemon or two…

 Image: 13 / En Route Home, trespassing… quick take the picture, but look relaxed… but hurry, there’s a tractor heading towards us…

Image: 14 / Tulbagh, Western Cape, confession this is not a self-portrait, this is a sneaky snap taken by our talented friends at Orpen Film Co. of us drinking morning coffee brewed on an open fire, surrounding by mountains, after a night of glamping and an epic wedding held under the stars in the structure of an old farm house. We can’t wait to share the images with you!

Image: 15 / Royal Hotel, Riebeek Kasteel, the oldest hotel in South Africa. Rest day, recovery day spent lying by the pool, wandering the streets, buying Swartland wine, eating scones, drinking tea and then G&T, ending with dinner at Mama Cucina.

Image: 16 / Gansbaai, soaking in the view, pre fish and chips, post half-hike up the mountain to a series of waterfalls. We had to turn back halfway after word that a congress of baboons (yes that’s what you call a troop) were ‘attacking’ hikers and stealing their backpacks.

Image: 17 / Sandstone Loft, Natal Midlands, back in the beloved Midlands, moody day moment, after a gorgeous sunny wedding on a family dairy farm the day before. Wishing we could stay here longer…


  • Jannine said:

    Love seeing these snippets of you along all your adventures!